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Collet Chuck CPC-52

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CPC Power Collet Chuck Features

The CPC Power Collet Chuck is the most popular model for CNC Lathepower workholding solution. The CPC Power Collet Chuck works withDIN6343 or C-44 type spring collets. Besieds O.D. chucking, CPC Collet Chuck (CPC-44) can be converted into I.D. expanding chuck by installing a push nut and a expanding mandrel.

Precision dead-length collet chuck: 0.025mm repeatability.
Large clamping force.
Work with DIN6343 collets: 163E(B30), 173E(B42), 185E(B60), 193E(B80).
Work with C-44 collet or C-44I expanding kit..
High speed up to 8000RPM (CPC-30).
Large through hole up to 80mm (CPC-80).
I.D. chucking possible by installing an expanding mandrel and a push nut. (CPC-44)

Dimensions / Spec. (CPC-52/CPC-60/CPC-80) A2 Spindle Nose


Spindle Nose A2-6
(With Adaptor)
(With Adaptor)
(With Adaptor)
(With Adaptor)
(With Adaptor)
Expanding No No No No No
Figure No. Fig.2 Fig.3 Fig.2 Fig.3 Fig.2
A 186mm (7.32″) 186mm (7.32″) 186mm (7.32″) 186mm (7.32″) 235mm (9.25″)
A2 170mm (6.69″) 215mm (8.46″) 170mm (6.69″) 170mm (6.69″) 220mm (8.66″)
B 133.4mm (5.25″) 171.4mm (6.75″) 133.4mm (5.25″) 171.4mm (6.75″) 171.4mm (6.75″)
C 106.4mm (4.19″) 139.7mm (5.50″) 106.4mm (4.19″) 139.7mm (5.50″) 139.7mm (5.50″)
D M90xP1.5 M90xP1.5 M90xP1.5 M90xP1.5 M100xP2.0
L 139mm (5.47″) 139mm (5.47″) 139mm (5.47″) 139mm (5.47″) 163mm (6.41″)
M 134mm (5.28″) 134mm (5.28″) 134mm (5.28″) 134mm (5.28″) 167mm (6.57″)
N 27mm (1.06″) 27mm (1.06″) 27mm (1.06″) 27mm (1.06″) 32mm (1.26″)
N2 12mm (0.47″) 39mm (1.54″) 12mm (0.47″) 12mm (0.47″) 13mm (0.52″)
J 6H-M12 6H-M16 6H-M12 6H-M16 6H-M16
Working Collet DIN6343 177E
DIN6343 177E
DIN6343 185E
DIN6343 185E
DIN6343 193E
Axial Stroke 4.0mm (0.16″) 4.0mm (0.16″) 4.0mm (0.16″) 4.0mm (0.16″) 4.0mm (0.16″)
Max. Capacity 52mm (2.05″) 52mm (2.05″) 60mm (2.36″) 60mm (2.36″) 80mm (3.15″)
Max. Allowable Pull Force 2700kgf (5940lbf) 2700kgf (5940lbf) 3000kgf (6600lbf) 3000kgf (6600lbf) 3300kgf (7260lbf)
Max. Clamping Force 4725kgf (10395lbf) 4725kgf (10395lbf) 5250kgf (11550lbf) 5250kgf (11550lbf) 5775kgf (12705lbf)
Max. RPM 5000 5000 5000 5000 4000
Net Weight 13kgs (28.6lbs) 18.5kgs (40.7lbs) 13kgs (28.6lbs) 18.5kgs (40.7lbs) 25.7kgs (56.5lbs)